Voting math

If you like my record and my proposals, I humbly ask that you vote for me only (Bullet Vote). If a voter ahead of you votes for the slate of 5 running as a group, and you vote for Silvia + 4 random candidates, this means you added 4 votes to the slate. I lose by a ratio of 2:1 even if 50% of voters want me on council. If every voter votes for five candidates the slate would only need 20% of the vote for one-party rule.

How could it be that I would be left out of Council even if I get 80% of the vote and the slate gets 20%? It's the case if everyone who votes for me also votes for another four candidates from the slate. The slate get all the votes that are 100% for the slate. Each of them in addition have a 4 out of 5 chance of getting a vote from every person who supports me. That works out to 0.8 votes per slate member for every vote for me. For 100 voters, if only 20% support the slate, each slate member would get 20 votes + (80 x 0.8) votes = 84 votes. I would only get 80 votes and be left out of Council even if 80 percent of residents want me there. It is because of this math that if you want me on Council I ask you to vote for me only (Bullet Vote). The slate is guaranteed at least a 4-1 majority no matter how you vote.