Silvia Quezada

I am running for re-election as University Heights City Councilor. City elections are on November 5, 2019, with polls open 7am-8pm. You can vote at City Hall, 1302 Melrose Avenue. Before voting, I recommend reading the year-in-review update on Council business.

I am a mother, a wife, your neighbor, and an attorney. I have called University Heights my home since 2007. For the past five-and-half years I have served as City Councilor.

MY RECORD & YOU. For 3 terms on City Council, I worked hard and voted for a thriving community (farmers market, rooftop restaurant coming 2020, new business district), safe sidewalks & streets (2020 repairs), conservation (buying 12 acre city park, brought recycling to Grandview), financial security (hotel revenue with no corporate subsidy), civil rights (anti-racial profiling ordinance), and government transparency (conflicts of interest ordinance). This work was only possible with residents' support to push from the outside while I pulled from the inside to open doors and minds in Council to get these through.

THE PATH FORWARD. Decisions on a potential major new development (Finkbine project), significant new revenue (Marriott Hotel 2020-2021), and a first municipal park that needs planning (2018) will face the next Council. My pledge to you is to listen to all residents and work for the long-term benefit of all in our City and our community as I vote on these issues. I also want us to push together for investing in our streets & sidewalks, ensuring the accessibility of public spaces, using competitive bidding for City contracts, requiring human-trafficking identification and reporting training at hotels, and developing a 5-year plan to make our City government carbon neutral and provide incentives to reduce our City's carbon footprint.

THE ASK AND VOTING MATH. If you like my record and my proposals, I humbly ask that you vote for me only (Bullet Vote). If a voter ahead of you votes for the slate of 5 running as a group, and you vote for Silvia + 4 random candidates, this means you added 4 votes to the slate. I lose by a ratio of 2:1 even if 50% of voters want me on council. If every voter votes for five candidates the slate would only need 20% of the vote for one-party rule.

THE SLATE RUNNING. All but 2 have little to no experience with City business (two are new to town). These candidates are organized by the same people who supported the $6.7M TIF corporate subsidy of 2015 for One University Place's developers to cover a finance gap for a commercial space that was assessed at $2.5M when completed. Their first bit of coaching was convincing the slate to decline to participate in a candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Johnson County. This group is looking for one-party rule and have shown little interest in publicly discussing a path for our community for the next two years.

THEIR INCUMBENT'S VOTING RECORD. Liesa Moore is the only incumbent in the slate. To understand what direction to expect from the slate, below are key votes where Liesa and I disagreed this past Council session: (1) Liesa voted to expand the One University Place TIF district adding thousands of dollars to the TIF's defunding of our public schools (total defunding of public schools by this TIF district for FY2020: $234,782). (2) Liesa voted to sell two City-owned houses on Olive Ct. which had last sold for $775k (23 and 24 Olive Ct.) for $250k (12/29/18 vote, sale price). (3) Liesa was the only Councilor to not vote in favor of the anti-racial profiling ordinance on its first reading after 5 months of work (ordinance introduction July 2018, first reading of Ordinance 235 December 2018).

THEIR INCUMBENT'S CAMPAIGN RECORD. In her candidate flyer, Liesa Moore has not been straight forward with the public, instead, taking credit for other people's work. She claims to have turned "two Olive Ct. houses from rental back to single-family owned". This is false as the two houses came into City control for the purpose of turning them to owner-occupied in 2017 (Resolutions 17-59 and 17-60), before Liesa joined Council (as explained in item (2) above her only role with respect to these houses was to vote to sell these houses at a significant loss to the City). She also claims "crafting the Police Relations Ordinance" (the City's anti-racial profiling ordinance). I introduced this ordinance (based on model legislation), Liesa's input was minimal, and she didn't even vote for it on its first reading after 5 months of council discussion.

DIVERSIFY YOUR COUNCIL. Vote just for me (Bullet Vote). The other group is guaranteed a 4-1 majority; they don't need your vote. Putting me on Council gives you someone with a proven record of ideas and votes, and brings checks and balances to Council. Say NO to one-party rule and as you vote, trust the record.

Thank you for your support! Silvia Q.